Civil Resistance will #StopAdani

A clear majority of Australians want to stop Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine. Powerful billionaires and compliant political parties have stymied the will of the people. Civil resistance is the final and necessary step for us to win.

Civil resistance is a powerful strategy that changes the status quo. It moves power from the vested interests to the people – where it belongs. Civil resistance movements shift the political spectrum of what’s possible.

Our rigged political system has failed. It threatens the very survival of countless ecosystems and species, including humanity.

Galilee Blockade will join other groups to go beyond conventional political protest. Sustained non-violent tactics like strikes, boycotts, street occupations and blockades will communicate our refusal to take no as an answer.

Civil resistance is not easy. It directly challenges powerful people and institutions. It requires large numbers of people to risk arrest or sanction, normally for very minor offences. It requires even more people to support and resource bold tactics.

The #StopAdani campaign is a line in the sand, a campaign of international significance and ecological necessity. Are you ready to shift the power? Sign up today.

Together we will win!

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