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Three FUN Challenges

To get Tradelink out of Bed with Adani

25 stores in one day

Tradelink Plumbing Centres are owned by Fletcher Building, a New Zealand company currently bidding to supply key construction materials for Adani’s disastrous Carmichael coal mine.

We have engaged customers and staff outside 25 Tradelink stores and have now started creative physical disruptions as we ramp up until they get out of bed with Adani!

Will you take on the three challenges to boycott and disrupt Tradelink stores until Fletcher Building publicly commit to NEVER help Adani’s Carmichael Mine Project?

Shopping for Lock-on gear!

Challenge 1 – Disrupt on the phone

1) Call your local Tradelink store on 1800 228 476. Ask them as many questions about kitchens, bathrooms and laundries as you can. Their latest catalogue is a great place to start. THE RECORD IS 40 MINUTES BUT SEE IF YOU CAN LAST 5 -10 MINS.

2) Call head office on 07 3260 9777 and let them know you are boycotting Tradelink.

3) Call parent company Fletcher Building on 02 8986 0900 and tell them the same!

Challenge 2 – Give them an Online Review

1) Give Tradelink a Google Review:

Google ‘Tradelink’ then click ‘Maps’ at the top of your screen

Choose a local store, then scroll down the left of your screen to ‘Write a review’

Give them a one-star review and say why!

2) Give Tradelink a Product Review here

Challenge 3 – Put sneaky posters up

1) Print this A5 poster

2) Find creative and sneaky places in Tradelink stores to stick it. Somewhere customers will find it, but not so evident to staff.