BMD Group has been sending workers from throughout Queensland to mix with other Adani contractors and vulnerable regional communities. In the midst of a deadly pandemic! Concerned citizens were fobbed off when they called and emailed to complain. Galilee Blockade got legal threats for simply highlighting the concerns. 

Some citizens challenged owners Mick and Denise Power to prove BMD safety by flying to the workers’ camps for the next work shift, live and join with their workers for 10 days in the Galilee Basin. Mick and Denise responded with legal threats towards people making comments on Facebook!

Little did they know locals have been documenting their workplace safety failures. The concerns were justified! Good thing no one is touching their face… oh, hang on…

What can you do?

Text BMD’s construction boss in business hours. Concerned citizens should never have been fobbed off and silenced by legal threats. They were right to be concerned, and he should take immediate action for the safety of his workers.

Let us know how you go below! 

Text Paul Fogarty in business hours:  0417 768 212
Paul is a Board Member of BMD Group and the Executive Director of BMD Constructions. His mobile number is available on the BMD website.                

Tips for your text: 

  • It’s OK to be emotional in your text but it’s very important to be polite. If he asks, do not give him personal details like your postal or email address. 
  • Tell Paul what you think about Mick and Denise Power using lawyers to threaten concerned citizens over their Facebook comments. 
  • Tell Paul you’ve seen concerning footage of BMD workers mixing too closely with each other and workers from other Adani contractors. 
  • Ask Paul to facilitate formal apologies to the concerned citizens that have received legal threats.