Send a letter direct to the Power family

We will send heart-felt letters from you and/or your children directly to the residential address of Mick and Denise Power – owners of BMD, the company constructing a vital piece of Adani’s dirty coal railway.

Can you imagine their letterbox overflowing with photographs, paintings, cards, kids’ drawings and your personal letters, speaking directly to their conscience?

Through their active involvement and sponsorship of a range of local endeavours, Mick and Denise Power are local legends in their community. Their generosity speaks to their character. Appealing directly to their conscience could be exactly what is needed for them to walk away from Adani.

The Powers’ have built BMD from the ground-up, into a successful diverse group of companies, employing thousands of people. 

BMD is building a vital piece of Adani’s railway – right now. They also have the capability to do further work on the project, and have not ruled this out.

BMD’s contract with Adani allows them to withdraw at key milestones. They do not need the Adani contract and can absorb their workers into other projects

We will: 

  • Receive your letters, drawings, cards and the like at our PO Box.
  • Open all envelopes to ensure that the content is not threatening or offensive (the Powers know we will not give out their address)
  • Re-post your content to the home address of the Power family

What you do: 

  • You and/or your children, hand write a letter or card: Make it personal and passionate – what do you care about?

* Add some colour: You could include photos, drawings from your kids/grandkids or any other colourful imagery.

* Keep it short: Think about what the Powers’ are more likely to read and engage with – although you may want to get 2 pages of content off your chest, will they read it?

* Stay away from placing blame. Rather – focus on the alternate future you want.

  • Post your letters to:
    • Mick and Denise Power
      c/o Galilee Blockade
      PO Box 378
      Paddington QLD 4064

    • Please include in your envelope: a stamped, blank envelope that we can use to forward your letter directly to the Powers.