Join your local Galilee Blockade group

Our action groups are tenacious, relentless and incredibly warm and welcoming. They are ordinary everyday people who care about our planet and all its beings, who realise that the true power is with the people and not the corporations.

They unashamedly step up to do what is needed to hold corporations helping Adani to account.

Does taking action work?

Yes! The #StopAdani movement is huge and powerful. 90 companies have ruled out working for Adani.

Do you need to be experienced?

Absolutely not! Taking action comes in many forms, and within any action there are many ways to participate. But, what is helpful, is if you are a city local and so can easily participate more regularly. 

What would you do?

You only ever do what you are comfortable in doing, and there is never any pressure otherwise.

When do we take action?

Typically, we take action during business hours.

Next steps

So, you’re ready to step it up (or learn more) – great! Fill in the form provided and we will reach out to you to have a chat.

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