Hold Siemens Accountable

RMIT, UTS and UQ students and graduates have reached out to their Institutions – calling on them to hold Siemens accountable to the promise they made to all Australians on the global stage. Here are the responses so far:

  • UTS: stunned silence.
  • RMIT: rolled out the Drug Dealers’ Defence on behalf of Siemens: “if they don’t do it, someone else will”.
  • UQ: their Siemens relationship is more important than holding Siemens accountable to their complicity in catastrophic climate change.

It’s time to remind these Institutions, and Siemens, that their students and graduates demand more!

Send them a friendly calendar reminder (or two, or ten!) – to bravely step up and lead from the front.

How to make the Jam! 

1. Pick a weekday time in your calendar: between the upcoming Monday and Friday – use a calendar attached to your university email address.

2. Add your message in the event title: “Reminder: tell Siemens to keep their PROMISE”; “Hold Siemens accountable”, “Look after my future”. Get creative and have fun with this!

3. Copy the following email addresses into the GUESTS field (you can copy/paste them all in one go). When you save your event – be sure to select the “Send Invitation” option to ensure they get an email notification too. Instructions here.

vc@uq.edu.au, vc@rmit.edu.au, Attila.Brungs@uts.edu.au, roland.busch@siemens.com, michael.peter@siemens.com, Raphaelle.Guerineau@siemens.com, keith.ritchie@siemens.com, jeff.connolly@siemens.com, siemens@GalileeBlockade.net

4. Rinse and Repeat! More individual (and not ‘repeating’) event invites is better than one long event! Set a 5 min timer and see how many you can do!