Adani Breach FIVE.

Siemens – Keep your PROMISE: Dump Adani

Adani is smashing down bushland home to rare wildlife like the iconic Koala without the “fauna spotter catchers” that try and carry off helpless animals before Adani’s bulldozers crush them.

Despite intense global community pressure in 2019, Siemens decided to stick with Adani and deliver a critical and niche piece of work – signalling for the rail. However, at that time, recently resigned CEO Joe Kaeser stated:

“given the importance of legitimate environmental concerns, we have secured the right to pull out of the contract if our customer violates the very stringent environmental obligations.”

A year on from this announcement, four new breaches of commonwealth environment law were exposed and Siemens did nothing. They wrote them off as ‘technicalities’ and continue to work for Adani and open up the entire Galilee Basin to new thermal coal extraction.

In breaking news, Adani is at breach number FIVE. This time, Adani has cleared habitat without a flora and fauna spotter. This is not a technicality. This is an indisputable violation by Adani of their environmental obligations.

Siemens say they were unaware of the breach when the news broke and that they will “continue to monitor any official government notices issued in respect of the Carmichael rail project”. It is time for new CEO Roland Busch to do what Joe Kaeser did not – step up to true climate leadership and terminate their Adani contract. Siemens – it is time to keep your promise, to demonstrate you are not just greenwash and lies.

How can you hold Siemens accountable?

Let’s pile it on and make sure Siemens keeps their promise by filling the calendars of Siemens’ big guns – jam pack them with hundreds of invitations to remind them!

What are the exposed breaches?

Breaking: clearing habitat without a flora and fauna spotter, in breach of Commonweatlh law.

The previous four breaches that Siemens is ignoring:

1) Illegal bulldozing of critical habitat. FINED by the Commonwealth
2) Failure to properly implement a Species Management PlanFINED by the Commonwealth
3) Failure to secure a conservation area to offset impact on threathened Brigalow ecosystem
4) Unauthorised clearing of bushland outside of the prescribed rail line area

How to make the Jam! 

1. Pick a weekday time in your calendar: between Mon 17th – Fri 21st May. There are both London and Sydney recipients, so mix up your times throughout the entire 24hour clock.

2. Add your message in the event title: “Reminder: Keep our PROMISE”; “Exercise our right to terminate Adani contract”, “Rule out any future Adani work”. Get creative and have fun with this!

3. Copy the following email addresses into the GUESTS field (you can copy/paste them all in one go). When you save your event – be sure to select the “Send Invitation” option to ensure they get an email notification too. Instructions here.

roland.busch@siemens.com, michael.peter@siemens.com, Raphaelle.Guerineau@siemens.com, jeff.connolly@siemens.com, siemens@GalileeBlockade.net

4. Rinse and Repeat! More individual (and not ‘repeating’) event invites is better than one long event! Set a 5 min timer and see how many you can do!