HSBC are ‘making a decision’.

Let’s ‘Calendar Remind’ them to make the right one!

HSBC has been refusing to speak out against the State Bank of India’s proposed $1bn Adani loan. But, senior HSBC staff members have leaked that “staff are not happy” and “a decision on the matter is forthcoming”.

This comes after intense pressure: more than 30 disruptive branch actions, over 100 fake appointments, many loooong face-to-face appointments, people opening and closing accounts, hundreds of emails and HSBC’s own investors lodging a special climate resolution for their AGM. HSBC is starting to crack and you can bring it home.

Let’s pile it on and make sure they make the right decision by filling the calendars of HSBC’s big guns – jam pack them with hundreds of invitations to remind them!

How to make the Jam! 

1. Pick a time in your calendar: between Mon 1st – Fri 5th March, 8:30am and 6pm AEDT

2. Add your message in the event title: “Reminder: decide to speak out against SBI Loan”; “Climate Leadership 101 Training”. Have fun with this!

3. Copy the following email addresses into the GUESTS field (you can copy/paste them all in one go). When you save your event – be sure to then also select the option to “Send Invitation” so they get an email notification too. Instructions here.

KaberMclean@hsbc.com, robert.agati@hsbc.com, rani.mina@hsbc.com, justinholloway@hsbc.com, noel.quinn@hsbc.com, mark.tucker@hsbc.com, ewen.j.stevenson@hsbc.com, HSBCApptmnt@GalileeBlockade.net

4. Rinse and Repeat! More individual (and not ‘repeating’) event invites is better than one long event!