Sediment Pollution. AGAIN. Adani cannot be trusted.

Despite a promise to terminate their Adani contract if Adani did not meet its environmental obligations, Siemens has written off FIVE exposed Adani breaches, the breaking of Commonwealth law.

In May this year, Adani was put on notice in regard to their failure to put in place adequate erosion and sediment controls – a failure to follow their own management plan. In breaking news we now see further evidence of Adani’s continued neglect and recklessness when it comes to Queensland’s precious water and environment.

How much more devastation and destruction, before Siemens keeps their promise and terminate their Adani contract? Adani cannot be trusted, and Siemens are showing that neither can they.

We spoke to Keith Ritchie – Head of Communications earlier this year. The discussion was underwhelming, with Keith Ritchie dodging the issue and rolling out the drug dealers defence – “if Siemens don’t do it, someone else will”. Other than cowardly and misguided – this is irrelevant to keeping their promise!

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