BMD wants to help Adani AND build our renewables 

Despite massive community opposition, BMD made the choice to back Adani. They are Adani’s biggest contractor, building a dirty deadly coal railway into the Galilee Basin, one of the biggest sources of thermal coal on Earth.

Flooding the market with thermal coal is a climate catastrophe, and actively threatens the price competitiveness of renewables.

BMD wants to threaten the clean energy industry AND profit from it

BMD are currently bidding for construction contracts on wind and solar farms in Queensland.

The renewable energy industry has lots of construction contractors to choose from. They should NOT support a company willing to threaten the lives of millions by opening up a new thermal coal basin.

Here’s how to STOP BMD profiting from the renewables boom:

The companies that own these solar and wind farms take climate change seriously. Being associated with a company still building dirty thermal coal projects will be bad for their reputation.

Write to the key decision makers of the companies BMD wants to work for – let them know that BMD have chosen dirty thermal coal and don’t deserve to profit from the renewable energy boom.

Your pressure can convince these companies to rule out working with BMD, forcing BMD to be faced with another choice – either they dump Adani or get left behind.