Brisbane Powerhouse: Powered by Dirty Coal

BMD are a major partner of our beloved Brisbane Powerhouse. Despite massive community opposition, BMD has recently become Adani’s biggest contractor. They are building a key section of Adani’s dirty coal railway, opening up the entire Galilee Basin to massive new thermal coal mines.

Brisbane City Council, the Powerhouse, and Power family

The Powerhouse is owned by Brisbane City Council – which means it’s owned by the people of Brisbane. The Power family who own BMD are deeply entrenched in the Powerhouse. A picture tells a thousand words!

Seem formidable? It’s not. Here’s what you can do:

What is more important to the Powerhouse than its sponsors? YOU! Visitors of the Powerhouse are its heartbeat, and they know this.

Ask they find another sponsor – one more aligned with the community value of a safe climate for Powerhouse visitors, Brisbane residents and all Australians. Contact us if you have an offer of, or suggestions for, a better sponsor. Or include it in your email.  

Write to the decision makers – Powerhouse CEO Fiona Maxwell, Board Member Hayley Johnson (daughter of BMD’s owners) and Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner. Ask they step up and keep dirty coal money out of our treasured Brisbane Powerhouse.