Siemens lied to the Australian people

Siemens’ promised the Australian people they would hold Adani accountable to the protection of Queensland’s precious wildlife and to Australian environmental law.

Since this promise, Adani has breached their commonwealth environment conditions five times, ignored their own guidelines to protect Queensland waterways and seen a population decline of 82% of the endangered Black Throated Finch at their mine site.

Adani has a long history of breaches including a criminal conviction for falsifying reports. Despite this relentless pattern of disregard and damage to Queensland’s precious water, wildlife, habitat and Great Barrier Reef – Siemens continues to back Adani and build the niche piece of signalling for the railway that will open up the entire Galilee Basin to massive new thermal coal mines.

Siemens cannot be trusted.

How can you hold Siemens accountable?

The German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) is representing Siemens here in Australia – a company that cannot be trusted with Australia’s environment and their promise to the Australian people.

Siemens is an executive member of the AHK, so their partnership is tight.

Email AHK’s key decision makers, urging them to engage Siemens on this critical issue and to commit to dumping Siemens if they continue to back Adani, back the extinction of the Black Throated Finch and back their lie to the Australian people.