Adani’s attack-dog legal strategy is aimed at YOU  

Adani is attempting to silence our movement through fear of retribution, by suing Galilee Blockade’s previous national spokesperson, Ben Pennings.

This lawsuit will take years, taking both an emotional and financial toll on Ben, his wife and three school aged children. If Adani gets their way, the family home in Aspley, Brisbane will need to be sold, and the family bankrupted.

Adani declares the #StopAdani movement is hurting them

Adani has made some substantial claims around damages resulting from the effectiveness of the #StopAdani movement – levelling the blame at Ben and Galilee Blockade.

What is the lawsuit about?

In short, this is what is referred to as a SLAPP suit – a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

Adani has commenced proceedings against Ben where “they seek, among other things, damages for intimidation and conspiracy” as Ben “has caused the Galilee Blockade to demand that the contractors who have agreements with the applicants terminate those agreements or withdraw from negotiations for agreements”

Ummmmm, newsflash Adani, you’ve just described the entire #StopAdani movement!

This is not just about Ben and his family. This is also about you. 

Will you let a corporate bully use standover tactics to silence you? Or will you stand up even stronger?

Adani believes this attack-dog legal strategy will intimidate and weaken the #StopAdani movement. We think Adani underestimates us all.

Tell Adani you are NOT walking away

It is more important than ever that Adani understands the passion and determination of our movement. We know we are on the right side of history, and we know we need to do whatever it takes to keep the Galilee Basin coal in the ground.

Send an email to Adani Mining CEO – David Boshoff and Adani Australia CEO – Jeyakumar Janakaraj. Let them know that you support Ben and his family, and you are not walking away.