Dob In a Breach

Adani has a history of disregard for our environmental law and putting its own agenda before that of Queensland’s precious water, habitat, endangered animals and our Great Barrier Reef.

Regardless of what Australians think of the Carmichael coal mine project, we know they care about our environment and a corporations’ responsibility to conduct its work within the boundaries of its environmental assessments.

Adani and their contractors have a responsibility they must be held accountable to.

Have you heard of, or seen an environmental breach or something that looks concerning? Let us know. We will keep all sources confidential, unless given explicit permission to disclose them.

Tell us what you know:

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Adani’s History of (known) Breaches

  • Aug 2020: Failing to properly implement a species management plan, resulting in the Commonwealth environment department issuing an infringement.
  • May 2020Adani cleared wildlife habitat without conducting the required pre clearance surveys and failed to submit a revised management plan to the department within the required timeframe. Two infringement notices were issued totalling $25,920
  • Feb 2020: Found guilty of providing false and misleading information about it’s 2018 illegal clearing of land at the mine site. Adani was criminally convicted and fined $20,000

  • Nov 2019: Adani cleared bushland outside of the rail line area, resulting in a warning from the federal environment department in March 2020 for non compliance with environmental approvals.


  • Nov 2019: The environment department wrote to Adani issuing another warning for non compliance, relating to Adani’s failure to secure an appropriate biodiversity offset area for the threatened Brigalow ecological community, a rare vegetation that Adani is clearing for its coal mine and rail project.


  • Mar 2019: Found guilty of releasing water with almost double the allowable total suspended solids into the Caley Valley wetlands, which sit adjacent to the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Fined $13,050

  • Feb 2018: Suspicions raised on falsifying lab reports when appealing the $12,000 fine for polluting the Caley Valley wetlands


  • Dec 2018: Ordered by the court to pay $12m owed to engineering firm AECOM


  • Aug 2017: Found guilty for its Apr 2017 release of over 8 times the legal limit of toxic sludge from Abbot Point port  into the Caley Valley wetlands, which sit adjacent to the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Fined $12,000