Lantrak want to help Adani

Lantrak want to transport the railway ballast for Adani’s dirty coal railway. They have been in negotiations with Adani for this vital role since December.

BUT Lantrak haven’t signed a contract yet

We can still convince Lantrak to listen to the two-thirds of Australians who do not want Adani to build a massive new thermal coal mine. They are a big company that not need to work for Adani to thrive.

Lantrak refuse to meet #StopAdani

Lantrak have only heard one side of the story. Despite repeated requests, they refuse to listen to why two-thirds of Australians do not want this mine. They need to hear from you! 


Call (and then text) Qld Manager Mat Stehman on: 0408 130 523

Tell us how you went below ↓

Tips for your call and/or text:

  • It’s OK to be emotional but it’s very important to be polite. If he doesn’t answer, leave a voice message! 
  • Ask Mat why he refuses to meet with #StopAdani representatives, hear from both sides about this controversial project
  • Express your concern about Lantrak helping build a disastrous thermal coal railway in the Galilee basin
  • Follow up your call with a text. Call or text again if Mat does not get back to you!
Who did you speak to? How was their demeanour? Did you learn anything? Provide your contact details if you feel comfortable (should something you note be important to the campaign to follow up on).