Mick and Denise Power – the owners of BMD – are feeling the pressure. 

They’re threatening people just like you

In a startling turn of events, lawyers representing Mick and Denise are threatening ordinary every-day Aussies with lawsuits. Just for comments on Facebook! Concerned citizens MUST be free to express their concern over BMD’s COVID-19 policy to send their workers from all over Queensland, via vulnerable regional communities, to work on Adani’s railway.

They threatened Galilee Blockade too

Earlier in April, Mick and Denise sent us legal threats for expressing similar concerns. We have broad shoulders but attacking concerned citizens like you, just for expressing an opinion, is thin-skinned and totally un-Australian!

Why are they doing it?

They are in crisis-mode. People have been calling BMD regularly over the last week with their COVID-19 concerns. Whilst we all batten-down to stop the spread, BMD and Adani continue to place their workers and our communities at COVID-19 risk.

Building a railway for a future coal mine is not essential business – and they know this. They should be sending their workers home, on full pay – and they know this. They are feeling the pinch of their decisions.

What you can do

Keep the pressure up – call BMD today. Let them know that this latest round of legal attacks is just not on! 

Let us know how you go below! Call:

     BMD Group Head Office (07) 3893 7000

Tips for your call: 

  • It’s OK to be emotional but it’s very important to be polite
  • Ask to speak to Mick or Denise Power, owners of BMD Group; Ask to leave a personal message for them – avoid being fobbed off with a request to send an email to a generic email address. Insist you be heard.
  • Express your concern about ordinary people receiving heavy-handed legal threats just for commenting on Facebook posts. 
  • Suggest, rather than sending bullying legal threats, Mick and Denise could fly in with the next work crew and live at the workers’ camp for a 10 day shift. This would be leading from the front and proving their faith in BMD’s procedures for worker and community safety.

Who did you speak to? How was their demeanour? Did you learn anything? Provide your contact details if you feel comfortable (should something you note be important to the campaign to follow up on).