Call Up Adani’s Contractors

Concerned citizens have heeded our call to dob in Adani and their contractors. We have great information about who is in bed with Adani and planning to be in the future. 

BMD Group have started work on constructing the most difficult 75km section of the rail corridor from Adani’s proposed mine to Adani’s coal port. The billionaire Power family are placing BMD at major risk through undertaking a project most Australians disagree with. THE PEOPLE WILL STOP THE POWERS! 

Martinus Rail are contracted to lay the railway track for Adani. Gamuda own half of Martinus and may take on the engineering work Australian firms are rejecting. 

FKG Group are strongly rumoured to construct the second 125km section of the rail corridor. Despite public pressure, they refuse to rule this out.


You can disrupt these companies by calling them as often as you can for as long as you can.

  • Politely ask for the senior manager in each company by name, say it’s important
  • If they will not pass you on, you can politely ask to leave a message for them and for it to be written down
  • Say why you do not want Adani to open up the Galilee Basin, one of the world’s largest untapped thermal coal deposits (some helpful language here)
  • Ask the company to publicly declare they will not work on the Carmichael mine project (this language is important as companies who plan to sub-contract say they are not working for Adani) 
  • Let them know if you are willing to further disrupt company operations until they do

Mick Power
(07) 3893 7000

Treaven Martinus
(02) 9526 5009

Nick Gardner
(07) 3354 6500