Call Up Adani’s Contractors

Concerned citizens have heeded our call to dob in Adani and their contractors. We have great information about who is in bed with Adani and planning to be in the future. 

Wagners and Meales have both worked for Adani previously and are working together upgrading roads so heavy vehicles can go to Adani’s mine site. Both companies have the size and expertise to tender for further Adani infrastructure. 

Macmahon have the ability to both construct and operate much of the proposed Carmichael mine. Our intelligence says they have a contract with Adani. We have contacted Macmahon four times but they refuse to publicly rule out working on the mine.


Before we start blockade actions on these companies we want you to call or text key managers in business hours. When you make contact:

  • Be extremely polite and caring
  • Explain why you do not want Adani to open up the Galilee Basin, one of the world’s largest untapped thermal coal deposits (some helpful language here)
  • Ask them to publicly declare they will do no further work on the Carmichael mine project
  • Let them know if you are willing to further disrupt company operations until they do

Call Grant Schloss
General Manager
0424 547 237

Call Michael Finnegan
0429 517 163

Call John Wagner
Owner + Director
0422 133 433‬