March 26th, 2017

Want to STOP Adani? Take down Downer!

Australian company Downer has a 2-billion-dollar contract to build and run Adani’s proposed Carmichael mine, a contract that is not enforceable until Adani reaches financial closure.

Downer has ignored calls from the Traditional Owners to pull out of this contract. So our civil resistance campaign will target Downer sites around the country with escalating direct actions. Again and again. Do you know a Downer site/project in your region? Dob them in! 

Read The Guardian feature on how we’ll force Downer to get out of bed with Adani

Once we “persuade” Downer to cancel this contract, Adani will need to find another Australian company of similar size and speciality to build and run their mine. Any possible candidates will know that we’ve forced Downer out. They’ll also know we’ve got dozens of direct action groups waiting for them, escalating and becoming more effective. Good luck with that Adani!

The best way to STOP Adani? Take Downer from under them. Contact us to find out more.


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In 40 years time people will be talking about the campaign to stop Adani like they now talk about the Franklin. “Where were you and what did you do?”

– Bob Brown