April 6th, 2017

Eleven Hour Occupation. Three Arrests. One Message.

On Tuesday and large group of Galilee Blockade grandparent activists occupied the office of Queensland’s Deputy Premier Jackie Trad. Cayman Islands was the theme, Gautam Adani holidaying with a billion dollars of public funds.

Prepared with food, bedding and a camp toilet, the grandparents vowed to occupy the office until Jackie Trad (as Minister for Infrastructure) signed a legal letter stopping our money going to Adani. NAIF’s own process is clear that the Queensland Labor Government can reject the applications of both Adani and Aurizon.

“The NAIF will not proceed with making an Investment Decision, and further consideration of an Investment Proposal will cease if at any time the relevant State or Territory Government provides written notification that financial assistance should not be provided to the project.”

Bill Shorten says he is against taxpayer funds going to Adani. Wayne Swan says it’s a slush fund for the Liberals and has asked the Auditor-General to investigate. Jackie Trad has the power to actually stop our money going to Adani but refuses, despite 75% of Australians being against it.

Occupying grandparent Harry had already met with and written to Jackie Trad about this issue, without luck. She called him in front of the TV cameras, saying she would meet us.

Once the cameras were gone, her office then refused to book even a tentative appointment. Trad still refuses to stop taxpayer funds going to Adani. So the grandparents will be back soon!

Direct action can be very fun. The grandparents engaged staff and the general public, often in song.

The grandparents stopped the office closing for the day, taking turns blocking the doorway for almost 5 hours. Again with music!

After pizza and some loud Puccini, the police arrived. With a TV crew following the action, the grandparents were removed from the doorway. Anne, Richard and John were arrested but released without charge. We broadcast this live on Facebook.

The Galilee Blockade campaign will continue to target Queensland Labor. The Feds too because they are silent on Queensland Labor allowing our money to go to Adani.

We have many more strategic targets, especially Downer. We need you to step up though, join the resistance. Today.





P.S. Activist tip. What does a grandparent activist do when he’s about to be arrested. Take a selfie and put it on Facebook!