September 4th, 2017

How to lobby Adani’s lobbyists

In 2015 Adani hired senior Labor and Liberal operatives as their Australian lobbyists. The actions of both parties show that it’s definitely worked. They are firmly in bed with Adani.

Last week media investigations revealed that Adani lobbyist Cameron Milner is now actually working from Queensland Labor HQ. That’s right, he’s working for Labor but being paid by Adani. Adani lobbyist David Moore plans to be involved in the Queensland election too, but for the LNP.

As a former State Secretary, Cameron Milner knows Queensland Labor headquarters well. He became Adani’s lobbyist after this gig, then leaving to become Bill Shorten’s Chief Of Staff. Now he’s back with Adani but working for Labor! The line between Labor and Adani blurred much?

We’d been tracking Adani’s lobbyists so decided to release their mobile phone numbers. Citizens deserve to be able to contact people who have actual power in Queensland!

You can see some of the texts sent to Cameron Milner here. We’d love you to text BOTH Cameron and David, call for a chat too if you wish. We have no problem whatsoever tying up their phones for as long as it takes. Feel free to send us screenshots or results.

Call or text Adani lobbyist Cameron Milner working at Qld Labor HQ on 0417 704 991

Call or text Adani lobbyist David Moore soon working for the LNP on 0417 774 724


The previous week we successfully challenged Anthony Albanese and Qld Deputy Premier Jackie Trad in front of the TV cameras on the Adani lobbyist and cash-for access. So we decided to give it another go! Her TV coverage got messed up again…

This week we will up the ante and again highlight the links between Adani lobbyists and the ALP/LNP. It’s going to be absolute magic!

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