October 14th, 2017

Can you #StopAdani by helping to build their mine?

Big Coal regularly attempts to infiltrate environment groups. With Adani planning to break the ground next week we have to infiltrate them back! 

Downer is advertising 2 key roles NOW to build Adani’s catastrophic mine. We know that experienced people working in the mining and construction sectors think the Carmichael mine is an environmental and economic disaster. These are the people we want to apply for these roles ASAP.

Applications for a Senior Recruitment Advisor to “support the recruitment for the Carmichael Mine project” are due on OCTOBER 22. Imagine if a #StopAdani supporter was recruiting others to work on the Carmichael Mine project.

Downer are also employing a Lead Civil Engineer to “coordinate and lead the civil infrastructure and preparatory civil works at our Carmichael Mine project”. Hmmmm…

Send these job ads ASAP to qualified friends and family who want to #StopAdani


If Adani’s Carmichael Mine ever gets finance and a final Indigenous Land Use Agreement, we need workers who care about climate change, Aboriginal homelands, the Reef, and the Great Artesian Basin more than extra profits for greedy mega-corporations.

For legal reason we cannot engage with people individually about applying for these roles. We will be spending significant money on social media to promote these 2 roles to targeted people in the mining, construction and human resources sectors.

Chip in to our latest fighting fund to reach more people


Remember to send the job ads to qualified friends and family who want to #StopAdani. They deserve to be this happy!