July 14th, 2017

Executive Assaults Protesters: Nonviolence Will Win!

An executive of Downer Group this morning angrily drove his car into our peaceful protesters, right in front of the TV cameras!

We were blocking vehicles entering two carparks at the Engineering, Construction and Maintenance headquarters of Downer Group in Woolloongabba, demanding they cancel their $2.6bn contract to build Adani’s disastrous Carmichael coal mine.

The executive pushed the blockading group 1.5 metres backwards with his car but stopped when informed that police were on the way to the protest. The blockade line held strong!

When the police arrived they decided to investigate our protests before the executive who assaulted us. Blockaders and witnesses made statements to the police and we expect, no demand, that the executive is charged with assault.

Citizens protesting the Adani mine will not be intimidated by violent behaviour from Downer executives. Our nonviolence will trump their greed and violence every day of the week.

The protest was planned to give Downer’s construction executives a small taste of what blockade action looks like. We won’t just be blocking Downer trucks and construction equipment. We will target the workplaces and events of Downer executives till they commit not to build Adani’s disastrous Carmichael mine.

 Australians stood strong to protect the Daintree Rainforest, the Franklin River and Fraser Island, including getting arrested. We will stand together to protect Aboriginal homelands, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Artesian Basin and a liveable planet.

Nonviolence wins through professional training. Please help fund it.

Join your local citizen action group today.

Dob in Downer.