The first mega-mine of the largest coal-mining complex in the world is close to being ‘developed’ in Central Queensland, Australia. These huge coal mining projects are planned in a region known as the Galilee Basin. Only the tar sands in Canada and oil drilling in the Arctic compare in the scale of ecological disaster.

Local and international companies are waiting to get their greedy hands dirty in the Galilee. Against the wishes of the Traditional Owners, they threaten irreparable harm to the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Artesian Basin and endangered woodlands. They know projects of such magnitude threaten runaway climate change. But they continue anyway, for short-term profit.

map 1FIRST PROJECT: Carmichael Mine

Carmichael Mine is the biggest proposed coal mine in the Galilee Basin. At forty kilometres long, it would include six open cut pits and five underground mines. Measuring a whopping 28,000 hectares, the mine would be seven times the area of Sydney Harbour. Read more on the astronomical impacts of this mine alone here.

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FIRST TARGETS: Adani and their friends

Against the wishes of the Traditional Owners, conservative and ‘progressive’ governments in Australia have controversially approved Adani’s Carmichael Mine. It is also the mining project closest to financial closure. All those involved in this coal mine are priority targets of the Galilee Blockade campaign. Together we will win!