The day after the first citizen-blockade of a Downer facility, CEO Grant Fenn stated publicly that “..the company would not be put off its mining business by ‘green activism’

95 year-old Bill Ryan and 9000 other direct action citizens disagree!



Join Bill in becoming a Downer shareholder and you can:

  • Ask a pointed question at Downer’s AGM about their plans with Adani
  • Help Bill show Downer what a direct action looks like, either in an arrestable or non-arrestable role and/or
  • Be part of a special resolution about Adani for all shareholder to vote on

Downer’s AGM is being held on November 2nd, with the location yet to be announced. We’ll be organising transport but if you can’t make it you can appoint a local direct action citizen to be your proxy. As an existing or planned Downer shareholder, we want your voice to be heard.

Register here – Shareholder and Action Options

Can’t afford shares but want to help? Chip in here

Shareholder Resolution – NO to Adani

We would like to put up a Resolution to be voted on at the AGM, demanding Downer not build Adani’s Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin. With 100 Downer shareholders, this can be done – forcing Downer to add this to their AGM agenda, manage correspondence to shareholders around this and to take a shareholder vote on it.


  • The resolution must be lodged by September 2nd, and so it is important that you register ASAP.
  • When we have the 100 shareholders, we will be in touch. We shall provide access to an online Agency Agreement (that will take 10 mins to fill out) allowing you to authorise us to lodge the resolution on your behalf.

How to get Involved

If you have Downer shares already, or plan to, then register your details here to have your voice heard at the AGM and/or be part of the 100 members required for the Resolution:

Register here – Shareholder and Action Options

Buying Shares

The ASX listing rules requires a minimum of $500 to be spent on any parcel of shares. In addition to the share cost, there will be brokerage fees, generally around the $30 mark.

If you need help in facilitating the purchase of shares, this can be noted in the registration form above.