March 6th, 2018

AECOM – Get Out Of Bed With Adani!

Last year Galilee Blockade citizen action groups forced Downer EDI to end their $2.6 billion business relationship with Adani through disruptive nonviolent direct action, shareholder activism and the potential loss of government contracts. Now, it is AECOM‘s turn.

Read our ‘letter of intent’ to the CEO of AECOM

AECOM have a clear deadline to get out of bed with Adani. Our civil resistance campaign will expose the hypocrisy of this company claiming to “protect the environment and improve people’s lives”. We will target AECOM sites and events around the country with disruptive and escalating actions. Again and again.

Despite the majority of Australians opposing Adani’s catastrophic mega Carmichael coal mine and the Queensland Government vetoing a $1 billon taxpayer-funded loan to help build Adani’s railway line, AECOM has indicated that they are pressing forward and continuing to design Adani’s railway line. This railway line will open up the largest coal mine in the Southern Hemisphere – at a time when scientists are clearly stating that there must be no new coal if we are to secure a safe climate future for our children and grandchildren.

In 40 years time people will be talking about the campaign to stop Adani like they now talk about the Franklin. “Where were you and what did you do?”

– Bob Brown