Galilee Blockade allows people to stay in their own region and still target companies and organisations in bed with Adani. We have already empowered numerous grassroots groups to form and self-organise by offering strategic, legal, and other support. All grassroots groups will be professionally trained to safely use disruption, direct action and blockade tactics.

Wangan and Jagalingou people are actively resisting Adani, fighting to protect their country. Galilee Blockade will only promote or be involved in direct actions in the Galilee Basin if requested by the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council.

Galilee Blockade is anti-violent. We withdraw our consent from these violent ecocidal projects and will stop the perpetrators willing to deny our children a liveable planet. Galilee Blockade does not condone any actions that put human or non-human animals in harm’s way.

Galilee Blockade will employ a broad range of tactics, escalating over time, to keep our opponents on the back foot. They will not be able to predict what we’ll do next, or from where.

By working “outside the tent”, our civil resistance will shift the political spectrum of what’s possible, making it easier for our allies working inside or the periphery of the tent to get what they want.

We will face fierce opposition from powerful people and institutions. This adversity will compel us to find the capacity and skills we didn’t know we had, to build an unbreakable community of resistance. Together we will win.