If you own shares in a company, then you can have a say in what it does.
Please ensure that you have read the important update that was provided to you via email before continuing.

If you are a shareholder in Downer EDI Ltd (DOW) please complete the Agency Agreement form below. By doing so you will appoint a representative to act on your behalf for the purpose of lodging the resolution(s) and supporting statement(s). Click here to see the terms of the Agency Agreement.

If you want to know more about resolutions and the agency agreement, there is a FAQ here.

The resolution(s) will be lodged once at least 100 shareholders have agreed to the Agency Agreement.

Click here to view the resolution(s) and supporting statement(s)


Please ensure that, before you accept the Agency Agreement online below, you have read and agree to the proposed resolution(s) and supporting statement(s).

Agency Agreement

By completing this web form you are signing this Agency Agreement to allow the nominated representatives to lodge the resolution(s) and supporting statement(s) on your behalf.

The shares are for the following companies (shares must be currently held and permit the shareholder to be eligible to vote at the upcoming AGM)*:
 Downer EDI Limited (DOW)

You will have EITHER a*:
- HIN - Holder Identification Number; OR
- SRN - Shareholder Reference Number

The address for this holding is:

My name is:

Appoint the nominated representatives (Mr Ben Pennings and Miss Donna Smit) as your agent to lodge resolutions*
 By ticking this box
I confirm that
• I am the shareholder, or I am otherwise duly authorised to act on behalf of the shareholder named in the previous step;
• I have read, understood and agree to propose the resolution(s);
• I am entering into a legally binding agency agreement;
• I have read and understood and I accept the terms of the Agreement by this electronic method and agree to receiving electronic correspondence from Galilee Blockade;
• This electronic acceptance has the same effect as if I had signed a hardcopy version of the Agency Agreement;
• I expressly consent to this method of acceptance in accordance with s 9(1) of the Electronic Transactions (Victoria) Act 2000 or other state equivalents.